Senin, 29 November 2010

Ethan Ruan kiss girlfriend Tiffany Hsu for one minute

Ethan Ruan Tiffany Hsu

After becoming the first Taiwanese actor in 11 years to clinch the coveted Best Leading Actor title at the 47th Golden Horse Awards, Ethan Ruan has every reason to be celebrating.

The 28-year-old actor had hit a few lows in his acting career. At his lowest point, he was unable to afford his electricity bills. With girlfriend Tiffany Hsu by his side through his ups and downs, Ethan found strength.

But when it came to the cameras, he was still shy about displaying his affection to Tiffany. At a post-awards party, Ethan coyly rejected kissing his girlfriend in front of the media.

It was only at 2am the same night that Ethan finally loosened up and gave Tiffany a one-minute-long kiss while his friends cheered him as they continued celebrations at Primo, a nightclub in Taipei.

Reporters also caught sight of Ethan being surrounded by hot babes and congratulated by friends, one of whom even lit a cigarette for him. Tiffany, being the understanding girlfriend, let him bask in the moment.

She had said earlier that if Ethan won, he could have whatever he wanted. To which he replied, "I have not really thought about it, but a holiday would be good!"

The couple had also expressed that they did not mind acting together in future.

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