Kamis, 04 November 2010

Faye Wong come back concert in Beijing

Faye Wong

Pop queen Faye Wong held her comeback concert in Beijing the night before. Faye had always been a trendy icon, whether it's the 'pineapple head' seen in old award ceremonies or the 'world's first heel' that appeared at her concert, she will forever be trendy! After giving birth to her youngest daughter (Lee Yin), she steps back on stage at her old home in Beijing for a concert. She had several different costumes including the deceptive swim cap looking white cap can really make people in the fashion industry swarm after it!

This time, Faye's concert revolves around the four seasons theme. For the winter part, she only wore a white cap, that looked like a swimming cap, and audience felt it was very glamorous! Her designer Titi Kwan wrote on Weibo afterwards: "It is a pair of 4 year old stockings, giving a unique side..." This makes people think that it belongs to Faye's 4 year old daughter Lee Yin, but when Titi accepted an interview, he denied: "Thinking too much! I bought it from Paris, it is the attire for ballerinas, not Lee Yin's! This time her style is what I wanted!"

That night, Faye did not speak too much she only said thank you 4 times, but on Weibo she full of thought. Not only did she thanked everyone's encouragement, she also wrote: "Tomorrow will be even better!" Meaning the performance will get better and better! Regarding her making the record of 'the least talk during a concert' in history, she said: "Our rundown goes all in one go, so I couldn't talk and there was not enough time set in between for me to say anything. But I can still bow!" Also, Faye's hanging up in the air part, her manager (Chan Ka Ying) already bought heavy insurance for the Faye who's afraid of heights. One male fan made a successful marriage proposal to his girlfriend while Faye was performing the song Only Hope For Long Lasting (但願人長久).

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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