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Selina Ren and Harlem Yu replacing Jacky Wu in Guess Guess Guess

Jacky Wu

Jacky Wu unexpectedly resigns from CTV's "Guess x3." The show will be carried on by his replacement hosts, Harlem Yu and Selina, in order to pour new energy into a 14-year old show.

"Guess" began airing July 4th in 1996, hosted by Long Shao Hua and SOS. In March of 1998, Jacky Wu replaced Long Shao Hua as host. Following that, the female host position went through many female entertainers, yet from almost beginning to end Jacky Wu's position never changed. For the last two years, he has constantly spoken about lessening his hosting load in "Guess," but it was taken as all talk and little action.

At the start of the month, he began hosting a new show on CTS, "Zong Yi Da Guo Ming" and his work with "Guess" had lessened. In July, after recording 3 straight episodes of "Guess" in one breath, he resigned.

Obtaining Golden Bell: This week will broadcast "Best of" edition

Currently, "Guess" is the longest-lasting variety show and received the Golden Bell acknowledgement in 2008. Supposedly, the program will broadcast a "Best of" edition this weekend and next week it will broadcast the last episode recorded by Jacky Wu. The two weeks afterwards it will again air a "Best of" edition. It is rumored that on July 24, the completely new hosting combo will make its debut. The program name still remains, "Guess."

High in Demand: Only thing missing is contract

The new "Guess" hosts are Harlem Yu and Selina, in high demand. Currently, both have their wishes and all that is lacking from them joining the show is a contract. Harlem and Zhang Xiao Yan once hosted "Super Sunday," establishing strong hosting skills and also receiving Golden Bell acknowledgement. Selina has always wished to take on the capacity of hosting and once was the substitute host for "Guess" for 5 months in 2007. When Xiao S was pregnant, it was Selina who substituted for her in "Kang Xi Lai Le" and also once hosted CTS's "Happy Sunday" with Zhang Xiao Yan. Just as "Guess" broadcasts its 700th episode, Harlem and Selina will form a fresh new pairing. CTV hopes that the two polish off the show's long-established reputation.

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Source: ChinaTimes

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