Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Joe Cheng sleeps with two sexy ladies in hotel

Since Joe Cheng's debut in showbiz, the model-turned-actor has kept the media guessing about his sexual orientation.

The Taiwanese actor was once spotted cozying up with fellow actor, Mike He. The pair is often seen together, fueling suspicions and talk of a flourishing "Brokeback Mountain" romance.

At a fashion event held in Hong Kong last week, he met up with Suki Chui's husband, Kenny Wong, at a nightclub in Zhong Huan. The strapping lad was accompanied by a couple of young and sexy ladies at the nightclub and was seen smoking and drinking.

After about three hours of fun at the nightclub, a tipsy Joe left the club with two beautiful ladies and headed for the hotel, where he reportedly checked into a room with them.

In other related news, Joe was once spotted catching a movie with a long-haired beauty. He later clarified that the lady in question is merely his "female friend", according to Taiwanese news.

Source: XIN MSN

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