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Jimmy Lin in new drama Single Princess and Blind Dates

Jimmy Lin

TV launched its 2010 tv drama series in a press conference for its “Single Princess and Blind Dates” in Shanghai on 2010-05-26. The director Chen Ming Zhang, the producers, the leads Jimmy Lin, Dylan Kuo, Zhao Liang, and Hong Xiao Ling attended. Jimmy Lin admitted that he has to receive his son Xiao Xiao Zhi’s photo daily before he goes to bed. There is already too much pressure from just 1 kid. He has no plans for another one.

“Single Princess and Blind Dates” is adapted from an online novel and is the feature in Hunan TV self-produced 2010 tv series. It’s about the current hot topics of blind dates and old maids. The director Chen Ming Zhang other series “Fated to Love You” and “My Lucky Star” both got high tv ratings. “Single Princess” is a light comedy about old maids. He hopes the new series will be a winner in Chinese tv ratings. In the preview we can see the light-hearted drama fits Hunan TV’s characteristics.

The male lead Jimmy Lin has not appeared in another modern series since “My Lucky Star”. He is working with director Chen again and said the script is very attractive. His character is a graduate film student who works as an intern in a tv station. He’s kind-hearted yet naïve and has romantic relationships with Zhao Liang and Le Tong Tong. The series is being filmed in Shanghai. Jimmy said he misses his son and asks that his photos be sent to him daily. When asked if he wants to have another baby he laughed and said one baby is more than enough. He has no time for another one.

Hunan TV’s Zhao Liang plays the old maid Le Tong Tong. Director Chen said this character is just like Zhao Liang’s. This is her first acting experience and it is grueling. Director Chen said working with her was exhausting in the beginning. He scolded her many times that brought her to tears. She has since improved tremendously.

Besides Jimmy Lin and Zhao Liang, Dylan Kuo also starred in the series. He dropped his nice guy image and plays the angelic/devilish CEO Fang Yan who is tangled up in a love triangle with Jimmy Lin and Zhao Liang.

translation by l_coco @ http://asianfanatics.net
source : sina

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