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Cheryl Yang with young boyfriend Da Mouth Harry Chang

Cheryl Yang
Da Mouth Harry Chang

She might not have admitted to her romance with American-born singer Harry Chang, but actress Cheryl Yang dropped a huge hint about how tight they in fact are when she revealed the latter "can freely enter her home".

Cheryl was at an event for her new TV series Zhong Wu Yan yesterday when reporters asked about her rumoured relationship with Harry, who is five years younger. Instead of being turned off, she openly fielded questions and called the relationship "unchanged".

Harry, vocalist of hip-hop group Da Mouth, and she met on the set of her hit idol drama My Queen, but they did not play lovers. Ethan Ruan, instead, snagged her affections.

However, since then he has been spotted on numerous occasions staying overnight at her apartment.

After saying they're "good friends", Cheryl added, "Many people can enter my house."

The chemistry was apparent though. In Mainland China for a performance, Harry told reporters about the relationship, "I'm a good friend who can go to her house."

Asked if that meant he's the man of her house, he shot, "Many people go to her place lah!"

In Zhong Wu Yan, Cheryl takes on her biggest challenge yet -- uglifying herself into a village girl role who has a prominent birthmark on the left side of her face. The versatile actress, known for her striking features, also said that she's not one who would go under the knife to change her looks.

Source: XIN MSN

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