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Pink Yang kisses Kurt Chou in drama Rice Family

Pink Yang Kurt Chou

Pink Yang and Kurt Chou are collaborating on TTV's 8pm primetime drama "Rice Family"; the two's relationship on and off-screen are equally "buddies"! Pink Yang says smilingly: "My mother's friends keep hoping that we'll get together off-screen!" As for the history of the blossoming of their relationship, Pink Yang says: "It was kicked off by me!"

In comparison to Xiu Jie Kai and Megan Lai's "Wu-Ya" relationship which has already reached passionate heights, Pink Yang [Xue Li] and Kurt Chou [Qi Yun]'s "Qi-Xue" relationship is still boiling with a low fire, although netizens have already caused an uproar and sensation on the discussion boards. The two of them on the other hand, would memorize lines in the script and have meals together in private to "passionately" cultivate their chemistry, even encouraging each other to lose weight healthily. Recently, the plot finally called for a "kiss scene", bearing fruit for the "Qi-Xue" relationship.

The two of them brought along the script and showed off to Xiu Jie Kai: "It's finally our turn now!" Due to the script requirements, Pink Yang frequently has to give Kurt Chou the "combat boot kick"; she laughingly says: "Everytime I have to kick him, I'll do it for real!" Actually it was the director who had taken into consideration that since Kurt is a newcomer, using true pain would enable him to grasp the scene easier; and the two of them are just like the saying "Friendship does not grow without some exchange of blows", kicking off the best chemistry! But because their chemistry was too good from the start, Kurt Chou was unable to electrify her during the kiss scene as Pink Yang would unbearably laugh. Their performance in the show caused Pink Yang's neighbour to be deeply immersed into the show, continually encouraging the two of them to get together "for real" even off-screen!

Source: WoWo News
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