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Barbie Hsu denied face and nose plastic surgery

Barbie Hsu

Netizens have been buzzing about the fact that Da S's wide eyes, high nose and pointy chin in "Summer's Desire" is a far cry from her single lidded, small-nosed, and round-chinned appearance 10 years ago in "Meteor Garden". Da S responded by posting an old photo on her Weibo, and added "If you say I've become prettier, I won't deny it, but if you say I had plastic surgery, that's complete nonsense! This is a photo of Mavis Fan, Xiao S and I from 12 years ago, my face shape and nose are the same... the only thing different is in the makeup and expression. If I really had plastic surgery, I wouldn't dare publish 'Mei Rong Da Wang'! Some netizens...."

Yesterday, Xiao S said that Da S's chin is a family trait. "Our whole family has long chins like that, just take a look at me, my grandma, my dad, and my nephew Xiao Mi Ke. ASOS has always been gearing up through getting prettier and prettier, even we are scared of how much prettier we can get." To rumours that Da S is planning to buy a house in the Xin Yi district, Xiao S answered that Da S has to work hard acting, "And now that the family has a new member (Xiao Mi Ke), she decided to buy a more comfortable house, so that it's worth the hard work."

A recipient of a chin surgery, former female F4 member Amy said, "Da S and plastic surgery? No way! This type of surgery causes horrendous swelling." Two years ago, financed by her fiance, Amy travelled to Korea to get a nose job before her wedding. "My nose was just way too wide, but after spending 20,000 on surgery, my nose is now too thin and pointy." She went to Lee Jin Liang to redo the job, correcting her nose to a fuller version, and also got liposuction and chin surgery while she was at it. Although the healing process was extremely painful, she felt that becoming more beautiful was definitely worth it.

Source: China Times
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