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Angelababy in love with her boyfriend Huang Xiao Ming

Angela baby

Their relationship has been kept low-profiled; earlier, Angelababy had secretly visited Huang Xiao Ming at a studio in mainland were she was secretly photographed. Yesterday, the couple had expressed their feelings using Weibo, where Xiao Ming had used 5 pieces of chocolate to express his love 'You are in my heart' for Angelababy, who commented on William Chan's silence, that 'Silence is a form of consent.'

Being a lead actress, Angelbaby had developed pimples from all the stress.With regards to the photographs, she had little comments, only hoping for some personal space from everyone. She does not blame anyone, and she would continue to be strong, and not give up love just because she is experiencing stress at work.

Rejects being called Mrs. Huang

Last night, Angelababy was in Shenzhen as a guest of honour with many other stars. Clad in a black dress, she was full of smiles despite her pimples, which was unknown if the cause was by relationship or work. When questioned about the photographs showing her secret visit to the studio, Angelababy had little comments and hoped for some personal space. She was then asked if she could be addressed as Mrs. Huang she became embarrassed, replying that Angelababy was still more appropriate as it is 'friendlier'. She also admitted that there was a lot external pressure to bear, which she had problems tackling, and therefore needing more personal space.

Xiao Ming expresses his love, 'You are in my heart'

With regards to Xiao Ming's post expressing his love for her, she insisted that they were not dating on Weibo, but the media's over-sensitivity. And regarding her own post saying 'Got house but not being able to return to it', she replied that someone(indirectly referring to Xiao Ming?) had offered her shelter that night. Angelababy then clarified that she was referring to a female friend, never did she thought that people would misunderstand her words. Now she would be afraid to add fuel to the fire when using Weibo. When asked if 'Spongecake' referred to Xiao Ming, all she could do was laughed embarrassedly but did not give a proper reply.

Praised boyfriend for providing a sense of sercurity

Xiao Ming had once mentioned that he was possessive to which Angelababy replied, "Xiao Ming is a great guy; he's true to people." Does he get 100 points? "After getting to know him, I find that someone like him is hard to come by, he does not put on any airs and even protects those around him" Xiao Ming had introduced her to director Chen Kai Ge, which she refused to comment on. She added that she did not wish to mention anything with regards to Xiao Ming. She was then questioned if she was afraid of being labelled a liar, which she did not know how to respond. Xiao Ming had not asked her to 'match his words' and all she wanted to do now was to work.

It appears that her love life was very stable, to which she responded that she was now happy, and would not comment further on her love life, to prevent further misunderstandings which would only cause more stress. When asked if she would give up her love life, she replied that she would remain strong and thanked everyone who cared.

William's lips are sealed

After the photo was leaked out, the couple had individually expressed on Weibo. Angelababy had said, "I thought if I covered my eyes, then I would be blinded from the Earth. I may be able to deceive my eyes but I would never deceived my soul." And Xiao Ming had said "Life is full of ups and down. The one who only thinks for himself, would end up in hell. The one who thinks for others, would end up in heaven. Happiness would never abandon those people who helps others!"

Source: Mingpao
Translator: claradead @

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