Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Samantha Ko will contact Him Law from South Africa

Samantha Ko Him Law

Samantha Ko appeared in a top that revealed her belly button while attending "The World Cup 2010 Survey Conference". She collaborated with Him Law in baking a cake. She said "I really get along well with him. I need to exchange phone numbers with him and arrange to go to the gym together. He is a gentleman. It is very hard to find nice guys nowadays. I will be going to South Africa for 30 days. I will be careful there. I will also take my laptop with me to communicate with my family". Him said "I have baked a cake for my girlfriend before". (You have met many girls?) "Okay la, I take relationships very seriously". (Is Samatha suitable for you?) "I will need to exchange numbers with her and get to know her abit more. I envy her going to South Africa".

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