Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Christopher Wong come back in Good Concert 2010

Christopher Wong

After 5 years away from Hong Kong, Christopher Wong is ready to make a come back. Chris is busy preparing all brand new songs for his "Christopher Wong Good Concert 2010". As "Father's Day" is coming close, in between his busy schedule, Chris thought about his father who passed away many years ago. He revealed that although his father was not there to see how successful he is in the music industry, he wrote a song called "My Father" to commemorate how great a father he had been to him. The lyrics of the song is a reflection of Chris real life event with his father. It talked about his childhood as well as the time when his father was ill. The family were all around him. No wonder each time when Chris sings that song, he has tears in his eyes.

Source: Takungpao
Translator: Hokkien128 @ http://www.asianvn.com

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