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Peter Ho Summer Desire ost I Remember I Have Loved

Peter Ho

Peter Ho's self-directed and acted idol drama "Summer's Desire" ratings have been rising rapidly, and so have the reviews for the drama's theme song "I Remember I Have Loved", also sung by him. This string of successes has led him to return to the singing industry, and at the press conference yesterday night, he appeared in an all-white suit, supported by good friend Ruby Lin.

Excellent lyrics result from getting Vincent Fang drunk

Peter revealed that he did a lot of work to make Vincent write lyrics for him. First, he had to pull his connections with his antique collector friends, then he had to extend an invitation for drinks. He ended up getting seven glasses of red wine into Vincent before Vincent said, "It's enough, I'm done for", and that's how he got the job done.

Peter's new album has two versions, the China release called "Perfect Lover", and the Taiwan release called "I Remember I Have Loved." He personally designed the limited edition couples underwear that comes with the "Perfect Lover" edition, creating graphics of light bulbs and plugs with the slogans "Don't Turn Me On" and "Unplug Me". The suggestiveness of the underlying message made many fans embarrassed, but Peter stood his ground, responding "The whole point of the words and graphics are to tell everyone to reuse, reduce, and recycle. I want everyone to be energy efficient."

Helped set trap to make Huang Xiao Ming jump into river

Although "Summer's Desire's" ratings have been rising rapidly, it still hasn't caught up to Blue Lan's "PS Man". During the broadcast of the fourth episode two nights ago, Peter was on his Facebook chatting with netizens in order to boost its popularity, and even called Huang Xiao Ming, with his first sentence being, "Are your pecs and 6 pack still there?!" After the episode ended, he stayed online and sang "Summer's Desire: Stars Live Show" with Maggie Wu, Serena Fang and Kris Shen. On the phone, he set a trap for Xiao Ming, forcing Xiao Ming to set a promise for the ratings level, saying if it broke 5, Xiao Ming would jump into the Dan Shui river. Xiao Ming could only helplessly say, "Is that cool?"

Source: Liberty Times
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