Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Jay Chou sing for Jet Li movie Ocean Heaven

Jay Chou Jet Li

BEIJING, May 29 -- Jay Chou, Taiwan's pop king, will sing the theme song for Jet Li's new movie "Ocean Heaven." It will be their second collaboration since Chou sang for Li's 2006 movie "Fearless." Guey Lunmei, Taiwan's star and leading actress in the movie will also sing for the movie.

Dubbed as Jet Li's first non-action work in his career, the movie tells a touching story between a father and his only son. When the father finds out that he is terminally ill, he decides to teach his only son, who is autistic, to live on his own.

Though viewed as a non-mainstream piece, it has attracted a group of big names to take part, including Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi and award-winning cinematographer Christopher Doyle.

Source: Xin Hua

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