Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Chris Li as best newcomer in Bodyguards and Assassins film

Chris Lee Yu Chun

The Hong Kong Film Director’s Guild has recently announced singer Chris Li Yuchun as the best new actress/actor of the year. Li Yuchun played orphaned girl Fang Hong, in Bodyguards and Assassins. Although the award is only in its third year, it’s still an affirmation of Li Yuchun by the directors.

The movie, directed by Teddy Chen, features an all-star cast of Donnie Yen, Fan Bingbing, Nicholas Tse, Hu Jun, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung, Zhang Hanyun, Eric Tsang and Li Yuchun. Li Yuchun plays the sixteen-year-old daughter of a former Qing general disguised as an opera troupe leader. Her mother was killed and father exiled after his father lead forces against the Europeans during the Boxer Rebellion. When her father is killed, Fang Hong seeks revenge and joins in the team of bodyguards protecting Sun Yat-sen from the Empress Dowager’s assassins.

Li Yuchun was also nominated for best supporting actress, best newcomer and best theme song “Dust” for the 2009 Hong Kong Film Awards. Bodyguards and Assassins was nominated for every category it fits into, and not undeservingly.

source: cfensi

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