Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Danson Tang new single I'm Back featuring f(x)

Danson Tang

Danson Tang, actor in hit idol-dramas such as "Hana Kimi" and "Rolling Love", returns after a 17-month hiatus with his third album "D一秒" (a play on words and translates to "The First Second"). For his first single, "I'm Back", he especially invited Korean group f(x)'s Amber to perform the rap, which is pretty cool as Amber is actually Chinese and also speaks Mandarin. Amber also flew to Taiwan in early May to appear in the music video that will be released June 7.

Danson explains that his inspiration for "The First Second" came from late 2008 after the release of his second album. He had been going through some rough times in with his career and almost contemplated leaving the entertainment industry. However, he ran into a bunch of music-playing friends, who asked Danson if he had ever considered using his unique experiences in life or his emotions as inspirations for music. With this encouragement, Danson found a new passion for music as a means to express himself. Through the songs on this third album Danson wants to describe his return to the "first second" of passion he felt as an entertainer.

Source : Sina
Credit : alee @ CpopAccess.com

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