Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Cecilia Cheung met Edison Chen on a flight

Cecilia Cheung Edison Chan

In 2008, a sex photo scandal that rocked the Chinese showbiz turned Hong Kong actors Edison Chen and Cecilia Cheung into overnight enemies.

Recently, it was reported that the two met on a flight, and Cecilia had even asked to sit next to Edison. She also took photos with him.

Although Cecilia later denied that it ever happened, Edison admitted to taking pictures with her.

On May 23, Cecilia's manger responded, "Forgiving others is like forgiving yourself. We are all in showbiz and will always run into each other. When you meet someone you know on a flight, it is basic manners to acknowledge and talk to the person."

Cecilia has yet to respond to this thus far.

In other related reports, Edison was said to be writing a musical based on his life.

However, when asked if he would include the scandal into the musical, the singer merely claimed that "it's not done yet".

Edison also described his coincidental meet-up with Cecilia to be "very happy" and "not embarrassing".

Commenting on the question about working with Cecilia in the future, Edison complimented the actress saying, "Her acting (skills) is great."

He also expressed his wish to meet with Cecilia's husband Nicholas Tse, and hopes that "it would not be a big issue by then".
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