Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Elanne Kong breast bigger after massage treatment

Elanne Kong

Since Elanne Kong's debut, she rarely appeared sexy, but this time she makes a breakthrough and gives a breast enhancement spokesperson job a try. Recently, Elanne is rising in popularity because her series is currently airing and caught the interest of an advertisement company strongly inviting her to be a breast enhancement spokesperson.

The conservative Elanne laughed and said she thought it over for a long time. After her manager's persuasion and she learned the company had a positive and healthy image, she accepted the endorsement without hesitation.

Elanne exposed that when she got massage treatment, she was extremely embarrassed. She said: "Although the massager was a girl, the feeling still felt strange, really makes people shy and itchy. The entire time, I was trying hard not to laugh out!" She also reveals that when the massager massaged her for the first time, it felt very painful, but the results were outstanding. She wanted to recommended it to her friends and perform all her duties as a spokesperson!

When she was shooting the TV ads, she did not hide her beautiful body figure and showed her career line. However, after the shoot she was very shy and quickly covered up with her jacket. The staff on the set prohibited people from taking photos with their cell phones or cameras to avoid embarrassment for Elanne. She said she's not used to her body figure being that good and joked: "The first time I saw, I really didn't recognize myself. A friend saw the photos and asked me how come I had good stuff and didn't share it with others. I was so embarrassed!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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