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Kate Tsui and Ron Ng only good brothers

Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui Chi San wore $40 million (HKD) in diamonds at a jewelry promotional event. Kate expressed her excitement in the jewelry she was modeling, “I am very happy and excited. This is the most expensive set of jewelry I have ever worn! It is worth close to $40 million (HKD) and simply what I always dreamed of!”

Kate indicated that the criteria in choosing a partner were filial piety and a strong sense of responsibility. Asked whether rumored flame, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, possessed these qualities, Kate said, “My good brother? In fact, we have partnered in many series together. This is not the first time [the media reported] on romantic rumors. Of course this is not true! Let’s consider the romantic rumors as publicity for the series. Since Ron and I have the same manager, we know each other well. We are good friends and brothers!”

Defends Ron Ng’s Integrity

Recent tabloids portrayed Ron Ng as a player, claiming that he pursued TVB colleague, Sire Ma Choi, and used her money. When asked whether Ron was pursuing Sire, Kate said, “I don’t know. We are brothers and don’t discuss these issues. Maybe he considered me to be a ‘man’ and did not tell me.”

Did Kate swear that she and Ron were not dating? Kate replied, “I am numbed by the frequent rumors!”

Kate defended Ron’s integrity and noted it was unfair for tabloid to claim that he used women’s money, “He is not like that. We always split the bill [when we eat out].”

Source: The Sun
Translated by: JayneStars

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