Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Aaron Kwok and Zhang Zi Yi intimate scenes in film

Aaron Kwok Zhang Zi Yi

Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing in the film 'TIL DEATH DO US PART (JUI OI) due to illness proved the dignity and greatness of love with their lives from meeting, commiserating to falling in love. They in the film had many intimate scenes. The sweet bed scene delivered the intimacy and dependence of people to directly bring out the film's theme "How difficult love is is how brilliant it is".

According to viewers who have seen the screening, Zhang Ziyi had a cold water bath scene that was described as very beautiful. Director Gu Changwei said, "Her performance was is not the basic level of nudity, but a performance that feels very high class to people. It went through a little handling."

Source: takungpao, singtao, on.cc
Translated by: hktopten

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