Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang bed scene in drama Love You

Rainie Yang Joseph Chang

Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang’s bed scene sure helped the drama boost its ratings. Episode six of “Love You” scored an average of 4.22% last Sunday, becoming the winner of its time slot. Both Joseph and Tom Price have agreed to dive into the water if ratings break 5%. Seeing that the drama is not far from the mark, the two actors have already started working out. However, netizens are not quite satisfied with just a dive, some have requested for Joseph to go skinny dipping like Ethan Ruan when ratings reaches 10%.

Five particular scenes scored above 5% on last Sunday, which included Joseph and Rainie’s bed scene, Joseph and Rainie making buns, Joseph and Rainie being surrounded by love songs, the tension between Joseph, Rainie and Tiffany Hsu’s love-triangle, and Joseph and Lin Mei-Shiu’s conversation.

Although many viewers expressed liking the main couple a lot, some worried, “If this goes on, wouldn’t it make the female lead the one stealing someone else’s love? Will this become the ‘Fierce Third Person’?” -- referencing the hit series "Fierce Wife". On the other hand, others commented, “The two lead characters already got married. It was his ex-girlfriend (Tiffany) who didn’t cherish him, so you can’t blame Xiao-Ru (Rainie)!”

Source: UDN

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