Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Cyndi Wang released new album Sticky

Cyndi Wang Sticky

"Sweetheart Priestess" Cyndi Wang will be releasing her new album "Sticky" on the 27th. Following an overdose of sweetness for her first plug, "黏黏黏黏" (Sticky x4), Cyndi's second single, "想你想你" (Thinking of you x2), will be an upbeat dance song. She had hired six dancers to perform an "elbow-twisting" dance with her; Cyndi makes fun that they look like a Korean girl group when they stand in a line together. She also added, "The staff even praised us for being the sweetest and sexiest girl group!"

Check out the MV to "Sticky" below (featuring OwoDog of Lollipop F):

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