Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Joe Chen and Ming Dao in drama Beauties of the Emperor

Chen Qiao En

Chen Qiaoen plays Empress Lv Zhi in a tragic story of the choice between love and power.

Production begun on two new Yu Zheng (Mei Ren Xin ji/Schemes of a Beauty, Gong/Palace) productions. Beauties of the Emperor 王的女人 brings back together Prince Turns Frog couple Chen Qiaoen and Mingdao, along with Kym Jin Sha (why is she never the lead?!) and tells the story of the fall of Qin and the rise of Han through the lives of the Empress Lv Zhi and Concubine Yu Ji. Meanwhile, Qing Cheng Xue 倾城雪 stars Dong Jie, Du Chun and Zhang Jiani and focuses on a Tang – dynasty tale of an embroiderer.
Although Qing cheng Xue is not scripted by Lu Zheng but Golden Bell winner Li Shunci, both dramas should gain the benefit of having Yu Zheng’s high-qualitied production values that includes gorgeous, often authentic costumes and sets. Qing Cheng Xue begun filming this week, and Beauties of the Emperor begins filming in mid-April.

source: cfensi

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