Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang in film Love You

Rainie Yang

After four months of filming, SETTV/TTV’s “Love You” wrapped up their filming a few days ago. Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang will be diving into their next projects right away; Joseph will be filming in the mainland while Rainie has accepted a new role for an upcoming CTS drama. Rainie expressed, “I’m back to myself now since the filming is over. I’m not Lin Xiao-Ru (character) anymore, it feels a little weird.”

Thinking back to during the filming of the drama, Joseph told the media, “There was a crying scene for Lin Xiao-Ru and it really shocked me because she was crying really hard. I finally asked her what was wrong a week later.” Rainie laughed, “It really wasn’t anything, I was just too into my role.”

The drama’s ratings continued to climb with last Sunday’s episode scoring an average of 3.1% (highest peak: 4.17%). Their competition Sunny Happiness had an average rating of 1.62%, down 0.14 from the previous week.

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