Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Deng Chao and Sun Li in Painted Skin 2

Deng Chao Sun Li

Chinese actor Deng Chao opened up on his marriage with years-long girlfriend and fellow actress Sun Li in a recent on location interview of his new film "Four Famous Detectives" by Hong Kong filmmaker Gordon Chan, reports.

The actor admitted he had registered marriage with Sun on his last birthday, Feb 8, 2010.

The news of their union had already been leaked but this was the first time it was confirmed by the actor himself.

Upcoming nuptials will take place in Shanghai, the bride's hometown, said Deng.

Following Deng's announcement, director Chan released a series of on-site snapshots showing very relaxed and affectionate moments of Deng and Sun shooting "Painted Skin 2," also by director Gordon Chan, which marks the lovers' first collaboration on the big screen.

However, less is known about their relationship in the film.

Reportedly, the sequel is in postproduction. It will take time to edit the considerable amount of stunt scenes filling the ghost story movie.

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