Senin, 16 Mei 2011

Him Law and Irene Wong in Hand Bag Brand Autumn Collection

Him Law Irene Wong

Him Law and Irene Wong were modeling for a hang bag brand's Autumn Collection. Because of the hot weather, Him was dripping wet in sweat under his leather jacket. He reveals that he is currently shooting new movie Love is the Only Answer and will have kiss and bed scenes with Charmaine Sheh.

Yesterday Him was dressed in a leather outfit under the 32 degree C weather and didn't have the opportunity to show off his chest. Him joked that he already accepted swimwear shows and will show his muscles for the show then. He frankly said that doing these shows is difficult. Recently, Him is shooting for new movie Love is the Only Answer with Charmaine Sheh and Alex Fong. The three of them are in a love triangle, Him reveals that he will soon have kiss and bed scenes with Charmaine. Asked if he's afraid of rumors spreading between them? Him said: "I did think before... collaborate with Charmaine, she's a TV Queen, very challenging." Later he greatly praised Charmaine is very easy to get along with, they chat on the set. Asked if he has asked about Charmaine's rumors recently? He laughed: "No, should not ask too much about her personal matters, we should have mutual respect."

Source: Sina Entertainment
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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