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Gillian Chung scolded Actress Shao Xiaoshan on weibo

Gillian Chung

Providing assistance to others is originally a good deed, what is the reason for it leading into a war of words? Recently, mainland actress Shao Xiaoshan and Gillian Chung each had words to say on Weibo (Chinese twitter) and a large number of Gillian's fans intervened, forcing Shao Xiaoshan's Weibo to shut down permanently.

The matter began since both parties are providing financial aid to a father and daughter (Ren Yabo and daughter Ming Ming) from Heilongjiang, China. Shao Xiaoshan stated that she donated 4 000 Yuan to the Ren family, but the father Mr. Ren stated that he only received about 1 000 Yuan. Gillian Chung posted a message on her Weibo account criticizing and mocking Shao Xiaoshan. Shao Xiaoshan fought back with a reply referencing Gillian's sex photo scandal, arousing fans' hostile attack from all sides, causing Shao Xiaoshan's Weibo to be shut down.

During an interview with Ent Ifeng, Shao Xiaoshan expressed, she does not believe her retaliation was inappropriate: "She (Gillian) first scolded me, calling me a 'self-publicist' and 'devil.' What is wrong with me saying her Sex Photos Gate?" But she repeatedly emphasized that she hopes those fans stop their ill-intentioned attacks, "Put this dark energy into proper energy, even if each of Gillian's fans donated 50, 100 to help others."

Source: Ent Ifeng
Translated by: starlightcolors @ AsianFanatics

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