Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Cyndi Wang is not using plastic surgery

Cyndi Wang

At the media launch of her latest music single, Sticky, Cyndi Wang called the media "heartless" for speculations on her higher nose bridge, and urged all media to give artistes their personal space.

Recently hospitalised for cellilutis, the singer-actress was spotted with a higher nose bridge and a different jaw line after her discharge, which fueled speculations that Cyndi went under the knife.

Her first time responding to said allegations, Cyndi jokingly began with, "these heartless [reporters]!" as she lamented, "My mom was angry when she read all these untrue reports. She said 'Why are they so inconsiderate, unfriendly, and nonsensical.'"

The 28-year-old added, "When I was hospitalized, I received six jabs a day and my face swelled. Although we are all public figures with our personal lives in the limelight, untrue reports can bring a lot of hurt to our family and friends. I hope that everyone will stop making up such stories."

Responding to her "prettier looks" after discharge, Cyndi gleefully shared, "That's because I had sufficient rest, a fixed exercise regime and enough vitamins. My body is in a good condition and that improves my mood tremendously."

Source: XINMSN

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