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Ella Chen denied marry with Alvin Lai

Ella Chen

WUHAN, CHINA: Ella Chen of Taiwan pop trio S.H.E. has refuted reports that claimed she would marry rumoured boyfriend Alvin Lai in June, and had already met his parents in Malaysia, reported Chinese media.

"The rumours are all untrue. There is no such thing.

"I will be shooting a film from April to June and won't have time for anything else," said Chen, during a promotional event which saw her perform in a mini-musical with Hong Kong singer Eason Chan in China on Monday.

She added that when it comes to marriage, "nature should be allowed to run its course".

Although she expressed that she won't be marrying in June, Chen said she is still "working hard" in the romance department.

The singer, who will turn 30 in June, also shed light on stricken S.H.E. group mate Selina Jen's current condition, and said that Jen had not made any breakthroughs on her road to recovery from the burns she suffered in a filming accident last year.

"S.H.E. will reunite one day. We (Chen and group mate Hebe Tien) will wait for Selina, though we really don't know when we can reunite as she still isn't well," said Chen.

Chen is currently working on the Taiwan film "Bad Girl" - her first film ever.

Chen will play a high school student well-versed in martial arts who fights for justice in her film debut.

Taiwan heartthrob Mike He co-stars.


Source : Channel NewsAsia

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