Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Yoyo Mung as a villain in series Links To Temptation

Yoyo Mung Links Top Temptation

Artists Yoyo Mung and Nancy Wu attended a skincare brand event. Yoyo is a villain in the series Links To Temptation, she expressed: "Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend and said my role is terrifying, very fierce. (Boyfriend Ekin Cheng didn't watch?) When he has free time, he'll watch. Yesterday he called and said he watched and that I did pretty well. Obtaining certainty from others, it's worth the difficulty."

She joked the world is changing, even villains are well like by people: "Like when a reporter said I was aging early, then many companies called and asked me to use their products. (Won't get botox?) I refuse to get shots in my face, it's better to be natural." Asked if her contract with TVB is ending? She replied: "We just changed the type of contract. The day TVB still uses me, I will be in TVB."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

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