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Gigi Leung concert in Hong Kong Coliseum

Gigi Leung Hong Kong Coliseum

Gigi Leung can be proud of herself with both her career and love life. Yesterday Gigi's assistant announced on Weibo that afyer 7 years of absence from Hong Kong Coliseum, Gigi will finally be holding a concert on February 27-28th. Coincidentally, ex-lover Ekin Cheng will be holding his concert the following month, in March.

Congratulates ex-lover

It was understood that initially Gigi was going to hold a collaborative concert with Maria Cordero, Elisa Chan (Miss Chan Chan) and Frances Yip. However, because the three of them did not have room in their schedules, Gigi successfully took it on herself and stole Ekin's first taste of the soup. [Oriental Daily] contacted Gigi to confirm, she said: "Don't say stole taste of soup, I was very surprised myself that we were able to get a slot on the HK Coliseum schedule. Earlier, the Christmas Eve concert Beijing G Night had very good response, so it helped me get a shot of confidence. (Ekin's show starts after yours?) I know he's having a concert too, hope we'll both have good results, good show together!"

Gigi frankly said that last time at her concert she lost her voice and affected her performance, this time she'll definitely behave and keep her good voice. In the cold weather, she'll cut down on going out. Asked if her boyfriend Matthew will continue to supprt her for this concert? Gigi laughed sweetly: "Every friend will go support, I hope everyone will have a good time watching!"

Back then after Gigi and Ekin broke up, Ekin started a new relationship with Yoyo Mung. As Gigi has always had both love and career, she had two relationships after the breakup. Later reporters exposed her new relationship with American dipolmat Matthew.

Also, lately Gigi has been voted for "Weibo's Most Popular Female Singer" by Neitzens. The other two include Denise Ho and Charlene Choi. As for "Weibo's Most Poplular Male Singer" the top three are Pakho Chau, Bosco Wong and Khalil Fong.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

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