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Yoga Lin dating with singer G.E.M in Hong Kong

Yoga Lin GEM

He probably has to keep his temper in check.

According to the Hong Kong media, Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin was caught on a five-hour date with Hong Kong singer G.E.M. On Dec 26, the couple left their place at 7pm, had dinner, went shopping and watched a movie, Marriage with a Liar.

The lovebirds donned masks and spectacles, so as to hide their identities. Yoga and G.E.M was seen behaving intimately. The Hong Kong singer frequently wrapped her arms around Yoga's neck to ask for kisses and hung her arm around his shoulders.

Just as the couple was heading home, Yoga caught a reporter snapping photos of the couple secretly. The Taiwanese singer went into a rage, trying to get hold of the camera.

"This is a private matter. I'm a Taiwanese, here to make music, not to be on your tabloids," shouted Yoga.

G.E.M nervously told her beau to "calm down". She also persuaded him to let go and leave the scene. However Yoga's emotions spiraled out of control, and he continued to chase after the reporter.

The saga only ended after intervention from the police and a representative from Yoga's record company.

After the incident, the Hong Kong record company that Yoga belonged to said that both parties did not hit each other and claimed that Yoga was scared and merely wanted to protect his friend.

G.E.M publicly comforted her boyfriend, saying "there were four men who jumped out to take our photos last night. His natural instincts were to catch hold of them. I don't think he was too rash."

"Our relationship is normal; a harmonious relationship between two people," said G.E.M when asked the nature of her relationship with Yoga.

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