Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

Wilber Pan rumored to date Endless Love actress Sandrine Pinna

Wilber Pan

"It was the most unforgettable relationship I ever had," declared Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan of his three-year romance with a schoolmate.

Wilber was at a recording of Shen Chun Hua Life Show with his father yesterday; when he talked about his past love.

Wilber said that at that time, his girlfriend was a high school senior, who is a year older. They met at their graduation dance and began dating not long after. The girl later furthered her studies in Japan and the couple kept their relationship alive through love letters for three years.

However, Wilber initiated a breakup when he was about to make his mark in showbiz.

"My senior loves to hold hands. I couldn't even give her what she loves best, because I was going to make my debut," recalled the singer.

Wilber was once rumoured to have dated Sandrine Pinna, his co-star in Endless Love. When asked if he preferred girls of mixed ethnicity, Wilber feigned memory loss and asked "who?"

When the host replied "that one", Wilber used good friend's Jolin Tsai's relationship with New Zealand model Vivian Dawson as an excuse by saying, "No, she's (Jolin Tsai) the one who's dating a (person of) mixed blood."

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