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Ivy Chen arm injured in movie Black and White movie

Ivy Chen

Black and White Episode 1 is now in the process of test shoots, director Cai YueXun along with the crew has began to rehearse several important action packed scenes. In addition to having a French choreographer Cyril Raffaelli coming to Taiwan to train the actors, the female lead, Ivy Chen, had already been bruised all over, having to fight several big guys in the movie version. She also posted on her microblog Weibo a picture showing a big bruise on her arm's injured picture. As a result, Ivy Chen has currently been named as "Heroine".

Ivy in a trail run scene, was in action against several big guys with sharp knives. The choreographer wanted it to look more realistic, requested the martial arts actors to attack closely, to cut for real. This however caused Ivy to suffer as when she couldn't dodge in time, the back of the knife would directly hit her head. After several practices, Ivy found bruises of all sizes all over her body, one very large one being on her left arm had caused her to shout in pain on Weibo "Woman fighter is not easy to be!"

Seeing herself all bruised up, Ivy jokes,"Really feels like to being tortured, I am simply a woman "being" hit." However, after finish filming the trial runs, Ivy carrying her injuries hurries to film a beauty advertisement, scaring all the staff there. In the end, they had to spend a little more time than usual to cover up all the bruises on Ivy.

This time, Ivy in Black and White's movie version can be said to be Taiwan's Milla Jovovich. She alone faces both black and white sides, both handsome and agile in her moves, will definitely be an eye opener for her fans; In addition, large amounts of money was invested in the film to shock all fans!

source: nownews.com
translated by: tdrama*addict @ asianfanatics.net

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