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Patty Hou married to Businessman Ken Huang

Patty Hou

There is finally a date to her wedding.

Earlier this year, Taiwanese sweetheart Patty Hou announced her engagement to businessman Ken Huang. The couple was supposed to get married in September this year, but had to postpone their wedding date as Patty's grandmother and Ken's grandmother had health issues.

Donning a semi-low cut dress yesterday, Patty accepted a New Year countdown hosting gig in Taipei with veteran host Xu Nai Lin.

It was the first time Patty wore such revealing clothes, causing her to be the center of attention. In a bid to attract more attention, Xu Nai Lin let on that the Taiwanese sweetheart would marry her fiancé in April next year. The veteran then said he was joking when he realised he had said too much.

"Nai Ge (an affectionate nickname for Xu Nai Lin) guessed correctly. It will be during the spring period. The venue would be overseas and it would be a small wedding. We're only inviting a handful of family and friends," said Patty graciously.

Patty added that she did not "want to have children so fast. I've seen friends get married and have children. Then they buried themselves in their children's lives." The host said she would think about having children two years later.

The host was once rumoured to be the third party in Jay Chou's relationship with Jolin Tsai. Patty was asked if she saw Jolin's concert and if she knew anything about Jay's latest relationship.

"I didn't have time to be there, but I saw Jolin's performances on television. The concert looked spectacular. I rarely take notice of unimportant news. If he [Jay] has a new girlfriend, I'd send him my warmest regards," said Patty.

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