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Charmaine Sheh withdraw from drama Forensic Heroes III

Charmaine Sheh Forensic Heroes III

According to news, the night before yesterday, Charmaine Sheh was preparing to get back to Hong Kong from Hangzhou. However, heavy snow hit when she got to the airport, she accidentally slipped and fell on the slippery ice when she was getting out of the car. Her left elbow hit the ground first, causing a joint dislocation. She was sent to the local hospital to get a cast. When Charmaine got back to Hong Kong, she went to see a doctor again, and got another cast. Because she needs some time to recover, she is forced to withdraw from her Forensic Heroes III (FH3) participation.

Yesterday Charmaine accepted a telephone interview, she said in a weak voice: "I discovered that my leg started to feel numb, the doctor examined me and said there is some pressure on my nerves, right now both of my legs hurt a lot. My waist can't maintain a posture for too long, so last night I didn't have a very good sleep." Although there are a lot of inconvenient situations in life, fortunately Mother Sheh is in Hong Kong to look after her. Yesterday Charmaine talked to Producer Miu Siu Ching, Executives Catherine Tsang and Virigina Lok, she said: "What I am most unhappy about is that I affected Siu Ching Jeh, causing much trouble for her. The FH3 crew already started shooting in the studio, it's difficult for them to stop and wait for me now. Eventually TVB told me to take a break for recovery. This is my first time co-starring with Wayne Lai, now that I can't shoot the series, such a pity."

Producer in a headache to find a replacement

Producer Miu Siu Ching admitted that she is eager to find a good actress and frontline actress to replace Charmaine, she said: "Currently handling the situation, initially she was to start working today, now it definitely has been affected! But, Charmaine really has good artist ethics, she also said she afraid we won't know what to do. (Any replacements in mind?) Should be a frontline actress! Earlier, I watched the scenes that Wayne and Kate Tsui did, they did very well, I do hope to find a good actress." She stressed that what's most important is for Charmaine to get well soon: "Even if she forced herself to work, her joint can easily get dislocated, after getting through 6 weeks, she'll have to go in for physical therapy too."

Initially paired with Charmaine in the series, Wayne's partner got her joint dislocated and have to 'dump' the new series, he said: "Can't believe our first collaboration would fail, did I give her bad luck? (Who do you want to replace your partner?) I really don't know, it's hard to say, everyone's already scheduled for other work, I also feel the headache the Producer is feeling now. (Find someone as pretty as Charmaine?) Of course! Most important is a pretty girl, I'm a handsome guy in the series!" Also part of the series, Kate heard about Charmaine's injury, she said: "What's most important is that she gets better soon, I haven't collaborated with her before, initially I was planning to steal some tips from her, but now the opportunity is gone, such a pity."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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