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Lee Wei and Liang You Lin in Monga TV Series

Lee Wei Monga

Despite CTS' "花月艋舺" (roughly Moonlight Flowers Monga) previously being touted as the TV version of the 2010 hit film, "Monga", it seems that it will actually be an adaption of an extremely popular Taiwanese drama from 24 years ago, "花月正春風" (roughly Spring Breeze Through Moonlight Flowers.) It's been having a few casting problems, but the most recent news is that Li Wei will be picking up the baton along with female lead, Liang You Lin.

The original screenplay of "Spring Breeze Through Moonlight Flowers" was written with such a brilliant underworld boss that he immediately became the dream lover of all Taiwanese housewives, back in the day.

Lee Wei has already had experience acting as a "godfather" to positive applaud in previous series. This time he will be acting as a young gangster who enters into the criminal underworld. It's clear that he would not object to the roles of being the underworld boss as "Being in the criminal underworld has always been a man's favorite suject." Because of his family, Lee Wei has always been exposed to "brothers" of the underworld and has admited to being familiar with them. To this new role, he says, "I hope it can be a bit more realistic."

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