Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Blue Lan and Han Chae Young in movie Big Deal

Blue Lan Big Deal

Director Ma Liwen's new comedy movie, "Big Deal" featuring Lan Zhenglong, Chapman To, and South Korean Actress Han Chae Young commenced shooting in Beijing on December 21, according to Sina.com reports.

The movie recounts a magnificent and crazy adventure of three young men, who pursue new directions in life. "The story themes on daily life and characters in the film are as normal as anyone you can see in real life. I believe the black humor in the film would delight the audience", said Ma Liwen.

Additionally, the film will be shot in Dubai and Jeju Island.

Ma directed, "I'm Liu Yuejin" and "Wo Men Lia", which are low budget films featuring reality. She tries to win laughter from audiences and the applause of investors in her new commercial film this time.

The film will be released in June, 2011.

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