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Sonjia Kwok and Steven Ma in series 7 Days in Life

Sonjia Kwok Steven Ma

TVB new series 7 Days In Life will be premiering next Monday (1/24th). At yesterday's promotional event for the series, Sonjia Kwok and ex-rumored boyfriend Steven Ma were an extreme match. During the games, the cast had to choose a partner through a drawing, Steven drew Sonjia and the two did a performance where they acted like they just met. Later, Patrick Tang and girlfriend Katy Kung did their performance, where they had a superficial kiss. Katy just used her hand for the kiss.

In the series 7 Days In Life, Sonjia encounters several new challenges, she and Steven's kiss scenes, fighting with Koni Lui for her boyfriend and even had to jump off the building. Asked if she's worried that there will be bad terms rumors again with Steven? She said: "The shooting for the series is already completed, there won't be any more gossips." Also, she hopes to seek a boyfriend, reporters suggested to her that Moses Chan is a 'deal'. Sonjia laughed: "A deal has nothing to do with me, and there are rumors that they (Moses and Bernice) are reconciling! I don't want to have any more rumors, just want to focus on my work."

Steven expressed that the series is scheduled to air during the Lunar New Year, the long break will affect the ratings, but he is already used to these things. He also reacted to the producer giving his opinion, hope the series he's currently shooting Thunder In the Forbidden City can broadcast at a good period.

Patrick expressed that many people misunderstood that he and Katy Kung 'sparked in love' during the shooting of 7 Days In Life. In fact, they met at a public event, he felt that Katy was pretty cute, so they kept in contact by phone and later started developing a relationship. Asked if during the Lunar New Year, will he be going to parents' place to send new year greetings? Patrick said: "My family has already met Katy, they feel that she's full of spirit and cute, I will also go visit her grandparents." Katy expressed that her parents will be coming back to Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year, her father already prepared a big red envelope for Patrick.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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