Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Joyce Cheng debut album Someone with a story

Joyce Cheng Someone With a Story

Yesterday Joyce Cheng held the press conference for her debut music album Someone with a Story (有故事的人). Wu Fung, Lee Heung Kam, Susanna Kwan, Alvina Kong and her husband, Wong Cho Lam, Teresa Mo, Grasshopper's Calvin Choi, Edmond So and other artists attended to support her. The organizers broadcast the MV to Joyce's new song. Wearing a light blue jacket, Joyce appeared on stage with a stuttering voice. She said: "Thanks to all my seniors who took the time off to come witness my big day. To be able to stand her as a singer, I am really grateful and appreciated it. Many people think that my entry into the industry is going to be definite, but if I didn't have the people below the stage supporting me, I really can't do it. I will continue to improve myself!" Then she was so emotional, a few tear drops came out.

Recently busy shooting a series, her father Adam Cheng especially took time off to support his daughter. He also praised that Joyce already had the talent to sing since she was 10. He wished her CD sells well and reveals that he'll purchase 100 copies to support her. Her late mother Lydia Shum's good friend Florence Chan was also very touched and teared up. She expressed that Joyce releasing an album is Lydia's wish: "In the short 6 months period, the wish comes true. Hope to fulfill your mother and your own second wish as soon as possible, and that is to hold a concert." As to her boyfriend Ryan, he did not appear, but Joyce expressed she received blessings from many friends.

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