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Show Luo new style in album Only For You

Show Luo

Show Lo's eighth solo album, "Only For You" will be released on 02/18. Besides spending $2 million on a new style, they also changed his dance image, using the ballad "Pin She Me*" as his first single, letting fans hear his improvement in singing.
(*note: "Pin She Me" roughly translates to : "What am I striving/fighting for")

For the album, Show Lo spent $2 million on 20+ outfits. Just the Tom Ford striped suit alone was $250,000. With good outfits, the music is also a big focus. This time, he'll be displaying the result of his singing practice is this last half year, and for the first time, using a ballad as his first single. He said, "In the new album, I challenged my own singing limits, accepting the company's vocal training, hoping that fans will be able to see my change."

Show Lo Films MV, Tears Fall in 3 Seconds

Show "Xiao Zhu (Little Pig)" Lo will soon be releasing his newest album "Only For You," with a ballad as his first single, which is unprecedented. Last year, he was constantly attacked by fabricated rumors of buying out charts, STDs, lip syncing, etc. So during the filming of the music video, because the lyrics had struck a nerve, he recollected these fabricated rumors that he was entangled in, collapsing in tears, which had the director calling "cut" 8 times in a row, the director remarked, "I didn't tell you to cry," and was teased as "Lo Hsueh Hua*." (*note: Liu Hsueh Hua is an actress best known for her ability to cry on cue)

In the lyrics of "Pin She Me," "Mockery and suspicion are always bitter, entangling me all this way, Cold eyes, cold words, I don't look at it, I don't care, but the heart is still sensitive," upon filming the scene for this part, his tears fell within 3 seconds. Afterwards, he sentimentally expressed, "Sometimes after work, alone at home, I often ask myself, 'Just what are you striving/fighting for?' A lot of the lyrics coincide with reality, so there was a surge of emotions, so I couldn't control my tears."

Aside from this, his "Wu Fa Wu Tian Concerts" will soon be doing encore concerts, with 70% concert rundown change, letting fans vote for concert locations, and allowing everyone to participate in designing new concert stage costuming.

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