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Selina Ren marry fiance Richard Chang on her 30th birthday

Selina Ren

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen was supposed to marry her fiance Richard Chang on April 1 this year. However, the wedding had to be postponed after she was severely scarred in an accident on the set of drama "I Have a Date with Spring".

Yesterday, the Taiwanese media reported that Selina would be getting married on her 30th birthday, which falls on Octocber 31. The wedding is supposedly held at the Sheraton Hotel.

Commenting on the report, Richard said, "It might be that day. We're still discussing on the date and have yet to make a decision."

The lawyer also admitted that "everything is good to go once the date is fixed and the guest list is confirmed."

"The wedding gown is ready too," Richard let on, before emphasizing that the wedding would still depend on Selina's health.

However, everything might go according to plan. The singer's health is making improvements and her physiotherapy sessions are also going smoothly.

In other related news, it was revealed that Selina's father wrote a thank-you note to Richard in the latter's upcoming book The Lord Chose You: "Selina's 90 Days in Hell".

"The Selina you're with now is different from the one you're engaged to. I'm glad that you accompanied her through it all. I'll always stand by your decisions," Father Jen wrote.

Source: XIN MSN entertainment

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