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Rainie Yang promoting latest drama While We Were Drunk

Rainie Yang

The Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang was in town over the weekend with co-star Joseph Chang, promoting their latest drama ‘While We Were Drunk’

How often do you get to kiss your high-school sweetheart after you've broken up with each other? For Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang, it was almost 10 years later.

Yesterday, Rainie and co-star Joseph Chang were in town to promote their latest idol drama While We Were Drunk. Upon arriving at the press conference held at the Conrad Centennial Singapore, the chatty actress started off by asking the media if they had lunch.

In While We Were Drunk, Rainie plays Lin Xiao Ru, a girl who accidentally marries Song Jie Xiu (played by Joseph Chang) while they were drunk. The couple quickly realises their error once they sobered up, resulting in them trying to undo every mistake they made in the last 24 hours.

Apart from her "husband" Jie Xiu, there were two other men in Xiao Ru's life -- her ex-boyfriend Ren Yi Xiang (played by Kingone Wang) and her boss-cum-childhood friend Daniel Geng (played by Alien Huang).

Rainie and Alien had dated during their high-school days.

On acting with Alien for the first time, Rainie first let out an uncomfortable giggle before admitting "it's awkward to kiss Alien".

"I think you all know my relationship with him [Alien Huang]. It's the first time we're acting together; even though it was just a peck on the lips, I felt really shy," the 26-year-old replied.

Rainie Yang felt "more sparks" with Joseph Chang

Rainie then said that she felt "more sparks" when acting with Joseph.

"That's probably because the scenes [with Joseph] are more romantic. The one which I shared a kiss with Alien is not very romantic," Rainie explained quickly.

While We Were Drunk is touted as the sequel to Fated to Love You, the most well-received Taiwanese idol drama to date, and boasts of many passionate bed scenes.

However, the pair clarified that their drama "is not a direct sequel to Fated to Love You" and had a vastly different plot from its predecessor.

"There would definitely be comparisons [between the various dramas]; but all we [the actors] can do is to do our best," Rainie answered.

Commenting on the intimate scenes, Joseph said, "I started my first day of filming with the most passionate scene in the drama. It helped to build our chemistry with each other and we don't really feel awkward with each other later."

Many firsts for Rainie Yang

This was the first time Rainie sported a short hair cut in a drama. In all of her other dramas, where she was the female lead, the actress had long hair.

Rainie admitted that she was afraid of how the audience would take her new image initially. However, she later felt that "if Xiao Ru [Rainie's character] had long hair, it wouldn't be her anymore", suggesting that the actress was satisfied with the final result.

The short hair cut definitely gave Rainie a more matured look, which fitted her role as somebody's wife -- another first for her.

When asked if she did anything to prepare for her role, Rainie said, "I'm actually similar to my character, in that we've not been married before. I didn't do any special homework on how to portray Xiao Ru because she was thrown into marriage suddenly; so I just went along with the situations in the drama."

The actress let on that she did, however, take a month to get used to wearing the wedding ring -- which was encrusted with real diamonds -- on her ring finger. She would take every chance she had, including during meals, to take it off her finger.

While We Were Drunk premieres on Jun 26, every Sunday, 8pm on E City (StarHub TV Channel 825).

Watch Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang's video interview here!

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