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JJ Lin lose to Jay Chou in Best Male Mandarin Artiste Award

JJ Lin

JJ Lin shocked at losing “Best Male Mandarin Artiste” award

Nominated for the second time round, JJ Lin’s hopes of winning came crashing down when the award finally went to Jay Chou

Jay Chou beat JJ Lin at the 22nd Annual Golden Melody Awards to win the night's Best Male Mandarin Artiste award.

When award presenter David Tao first announced the name "Jay" - which sounded very much like JJ's initial - local singer JJ Lin thought the award was his to take home. However, the award eventually went to Jay Chou, who, also thought that the award was going to JJ.

The Taiwanese pop star became the night's biggest winner, bagging three major awards namely "Best Male Mandarin Artiste", "Best Mandarin Album" and "Best Composer" respectively.

At the after party, JJ, who looked visibly surprised when Jay's name was announced, admitted to having high hopes of winning as "David always calls me JJ in private". However, his hopes came crashing down when David finally read out the winner's full name and presented the award to Jay Chou instead.

Last year, JJ was also nominated for the same award, but failed to win.

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JJ Lin said he has split up with Lilian Chen. Read More about it here.

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