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Bosco Wong gets photographed fully nude in house

Bosco Wong

TVB Siu Sang Bosco Wong was secretly photographed fully nude in his house by the paparazzi. Last night when he was back in TVB for work, he appeared helpless and admitted that this incident has already gone over his limit.

Bosco was photographed fully nude walking around his house in Fo Tan and even revealed his butt. It was also said that he was at home waiting for his girlfriend, Myolie Wu, whom he cohabits with. (The magazine report also had photos implying Bosco and Myolie getting intimate.) Last night, Bosco was back in TVB City to work on Lives of Omission, he was accompanied by his manager. He was asked if he's having heavy feelings? Bosco said: "Of course I am unhappy. As an artist, I am prepared to have no privacy, but this is in my own bedroom, that has already gone over my limit. I also have a mother!"

Bosco frankly said he likes homes with sunshine, and loves to walk around the house naked after taking a shower. Asked if Myolie Wu was there at the time? He said: "No! The photos weren't taken at the same time. (Cohabiting?) She's living upstairs, but she always comes over for dinner." He reveals that he contacted Myolie after this incident, and she comforted him. Bosco was asked why he didn't comfort him, she was also photographed? He said: "Many friends called to comfort me. (Why was she still wearing her ancient style hair?) She was working!" As to if they 'celebrated' that there weren't any more private photos of Myolie? He expressed Myolie is probably more careful. When asked when they are going to announce their relationship? Bosco said: "Later we'll talk about it, I don't have the mood now. My work has not been affected. When I was shooting outdoor scenes in the afternoon, my manager sent me the photos from the magazine, I even showed them to Michael Tse and the director. (Many people praised you have a nice body and butt?) Thank you all. (Will you change your habits?) As an artist, I don't want to change. (Will you consider moving?) Not necessary, I don't want the report to impact my life, just be more careful in the future. When I take my clothes off, I'll pull down the curtains." As for Myolie she responded through SMS that she has no comment.

TVB issued a critical statement out denouncing the reports by Sudden Weekly and FACE Magazine. Following their behavior on Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen earlier, now they secretly photograph Bosco Wong at his house. TVB stressed that taking photos of artists in their own home is already invading their privacy, it is immoral behavior and completely violates one's privacy. TVB and their artists reserves the right to take legal action.

Yoyo Chen is furious

Earlier, Yoyo Chen was in a similar situation as Bosco, yesterday she blamed the photographer as a disgrace. This is just like taking naked photos after raping someone and then announcing it to the world. Yoyo said: "We are already getting crushed to the heart by people! It is already enough that we get followed by the paparazzi! Artists are normal people too, they go home and have their own private life. We have to maintain a good image in front of audience and now we get photographed by a group of shameful people! Even that small little privacy, we lose it too. I feel that Bosco should really go sue them!" As for TVB issuing out a critical statement to Sudden Weekly and FACE, Yoyo thanked TVB for giving the victims back their dignity, but to get justice, that will be based on how the government handles it.

Bosco's good friend Raymond Lam felt sorry for him: "This incident is stepping into the legal world, I am personally very careful and have my curtains down all the time, no sunshine at all." Another good friend, Ron Ng said: "I also keep my curtains down, I am not afraid, people that photograph my house will just get me and my mom, and our house worker."

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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