Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Jimmy Lin postpone his wedding with Kelly

Jimmy Lin and Wife

Jimmy Lin and wife picking out wedding rings; Reception at Aegean Sea

Jimmy Lin’s father passed away from a heart attack in April. Jimmy and his wife Kelly were planning a wedding reception in the summer but had to postpone for a year. But according to insiders the couple are still planning a romantic island reception. They were spotted at Cartier yesterday picking out a wedding ring. Kelly has regained her figure and showed off her slender legs. But Jimmy still looked depressed 6 weeks after his loss. When is the wedding reception? His manager said, “It depends on his schedule. It may still be held this year.”

The couple dated for 5 years. She was photographed peeling shrimps for him but he denied the relationship. Kelly gave birth to their son in California in September, 2009. Jimmy announced the birth a month later at his own birthday bash and admitted that he and Kelly were already married.

Reporters photographed them in a shopping mall on June 1, 2011. With his baby face, the 36 years old father looks like Kelly’s younger brother. The couple picked out wedding rings at Cartier for half an hour but left empty-handed.

Jimmy enjoys fatherhood and pampers his son. The license plate on his Porsche is his son Kimi’s birthday: 0915. On their way home Kelly was dropped off to buy dinner. The former model doesn’t look like she has given birth.

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