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Nicholas Tse agreed to divorce Cecilia Cheung

Nicholas Tse

The actor has reportedly agreed on divorce, and a lawyer’s letter was sent to Cecilia Cheung

The five-year marriage between Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung is officially over.

The actor, who was said to have met his lawyers last week, has agreed to divorce Cecilia. She, in turn, received a rude shock when served the divorce papers.

Early last month, Cecilia, in a flurry of text message exchanges, was said to have threatened to divorce Nicholas. Nicholas, who is currently busy filming The Viral Factor in Kuala Lumpur, called her bluff, consulted his lawyers and has now agreed to the divorce.

Mani Fok, Nicholas's manager, has yet to respond to this, while the actor's assistant said, "I don't know."

Recently, netizens dug up yet another rumour that circulated in 2008 when Cecilia was embroiled in the photo scandal with Edison Chen. It was said that the Tse family then suspected that Lucas, the couple's elder son, may not be Nicholas's biological son and they had even sent him for a DNA test to verify who his father is.

Nicholas's father, Patrick Tse, when asked to comment on this rumour, shouted in rage, stating that the rumour is untrue and he will not comment on the matter anymore.

Source: xin.msn
Translated by: sx.k @ AsianFanatics

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