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Kenji Wu and Rhydian Vaughan in idol drama Bai Nian Hao He

Kenji Wu

CTV announced their new self-produced idol drama project yesterday called, “百年好合” (Bai Nian Hao He / rough trans: Together Forever). For a refreshing cast combo, they especially invited singer Kenji Wu and Rhydian Vaughan to star in the drama as chefs. It has been eight years since Kenji’s last drama, but he confidently said, “I will act well.” Kenji has also taken part in the drama’s screenwriting meetings and encourages his costars, “We’re all in the same boat. We must not fail, and we must not drag anyone else down.”

Kenji even provided input on the cast's costumes. Kenji commented, “God! I don’t want to be minding so much either!” but admitted that he had a good feeling about the drama after the audition, “Otherwise if the tone is off, it’ll be very hard (to act in it).” Kenji revealed that he previously had turned down many drama offers due to his music career; after he accepted this drama offer, he has been doing his homework by watching dramas that are currently airing.

Rhydian Vaughan is also a fresh face to TV dramas. He rose to fame after filming the movies “Winds of September” and “Monga”. Rhydian recently graduated from EAST 15 Acting School in United Kingdom and is already loaded with work. Even Kenji feels the pressure from the rising star, “I heard that he has a six-pack, so I’d better work on my eight-pack.” The drama crew also revealed that Kenji and Rydian like to compete to see who arrives to their training sessions the earliest.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

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