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Cyndi Wang Bed Scenes with Mike He in drama Love Keeps Going

Mike He Cyndi Wang

Cyndi Wang and Mike He had exotic bed scenes in idol drama "Love Keeps Going". This made Xiaomei self-mock that this drama had "three many": many lines, many kissing scenes, and many revealings (of his body). However, their good acting skills made the people at the side tease that there must be true love, causing the two who were bothered by the scandal to push to the director, laughing that it was because the director had taught them well!

The director also made Xiaomei reveal his butt. Eli Si laughed that Xiaomei had a better figure, so why not just let him show it! Cyndi Wang previously filmed an MV with Show Luo. Xiaomei teased that they were collaborating on the album, so Cyndi Wang replied saying “Our bed scene is powerful enough!” Xiaomei immediately cleared that their collaboration was on the mental scale!

Xiaomei also sang a song in this drama; however, he laughed that he had not trained adequately and thus was unwilling to sing live. He said that if the ratings were to break 2 points he would sing, but then changed his mind to 26 points afterward! Cyndi Wang praised that Xiaomei was very serious and also encouraged Xiaomei that singing could be practiced! When asked whether the two of them had a chance of collaborating in Cyndi Wang’s next album, Xiaomei immediately jumped in to say that his work was very busy; he only sang this time because of the character. He laughed and said that hopefully he did not scare anyone with his singing. He also pulled his good friend Joe Zheng into the waters. He laughed “If Xiaozong can sing and dance, I can follow his steps”. This made it seem like he had confidence with his singing, however, he avoided it when he was asked to sing live.

Credit: http://blog.omy.sg/mikeho/

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