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Vivian Hsu is dating with Businessman Leo Ho

Vivian Hsu

Last year, Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu announced she was single after a split from Hong Kong actor Stephen Fung.

During the Lunar New Year period, Vivian was spotted on a date with businessman Leo Ho, who is five years her junior. On Valentines' Day, the pair was seen again holding hands strolling on the streets. They later spent the special day at a Japanese restaurant.

On Feb 16, the couple attended a musical reception. Leo acknowledged that he is currently dating Vivian and even sang a song with her. Vivian later also admitted to the relationship.

The Taiwanese media had previously reported that the elders in Leo's family had a "poor perception" of Vivian because of a nude photo shoot that she did many years ago. At the event, Leo stated that "80% of the report [that his family did not approve of Vivian] was false" and that it was "rubbish".

Leo was also rumoued to be good friends with many female celebrities including Angela Chang, Serena Fang and Yaoyao. To that, his family reportedly declared, "It's best none of them marry him, no matter who is it."

Leo is estimated to have a net worth of NT$5 billion (approx. S$217 million). It was understood that Vivian and Leo met through a friend.

The businessman later spoke up for his girlfriend.

"Vivian is not the kind of person who wants to marry into a wealthy family. [If that's true,] she would have married a long time ago. My parents have met her although [they] did not have much interaction. [They're] just concerned, [they] did not disapprove [of her]," Leo said.

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