Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

Selina Ren comeback with slimming commercial in June

Selina Ren

The Taiwanese starlet might resume work as early as June

Selina Jen once worried she would not be able to perform on stage again as she looks "different from before".

But it looks like the Taiwanese singer can cast those doubts aside, as endorsements are pouring in. The popstar, who was severely burnt in an on-set accident, was discharged from hospital on Jan 19, after spending 89 days there.

Many companies had reportedly contacted Selina's management company HIM International, expressing their wish to have Selina endorse their products. They included fruit juices, clothes, skincare products and a slimming programme.

Selina has reportedly received five invitations to endorse products. Selina's doctor also advised her not to coop herself at home, saying that a moderate amount of work would be helpful to her mental and physical health.

The singer is expected to make her comeback with either a fruit juice or a slimming programme commercial in June, while other endorsements would be subjected to the state of her physical health.

"I'm so thankful! However, my health is in no condition [for work] now. Is it all right to let the clients wait?" an overjoyed Selina said.

HIM International firmly stated that everything would depend on Selina's will and health. The company is looking into plans of a new album and hosting gigs for the singer, apart from endorsements.

"The earliest we can hear Selina sing again is next year. However, there would be a secret project before that. Selina will be recording a wedding single during her wedding. She would personally bring the good news to people with her sweet voice," Selina's friend revealed.

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